A Little of Our Story

Steve about Sarah

Sarah is intelligent, witty, resilient, strong, brave, and the most empathetic person I know. She is an exceptionally talented photographer and knows how to see the detail in an image that I am blind to. Where I see the huge tree, Sarah sees the microscopic fernlet growing in its shade. In any given situation, Sarah can tell me everything about the people in the room before I even get my jacket unbuttoned.


She is so much fun to be with and she illuminates any place she is.

Sarah About Steve

Steve is constantly creative, and does not sit still. His mind is full of ideas. His heart is full of love for life, family, music, adventure and photography.


He is a gold award-winning Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (FNZIPP). Steve represented NZ at the World Photographic Cup in 2017.

He and I work well as a team - at work and in life.